Ordering Flowers For The Holidays: Valentine’s Day!

valentine's day flower options

Valentine’s Day is probably the busiest time of year for a florist. Admit it, it’s probably the one time a year you even think about ordering flowers! And when you do think about ordering flowers, it’s probably roses. Prices for roses almost double during the week of Valentine’s Day. Product may not be at it’s freshest, either.

How to get the most out of your Valentine’s Day order?

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Having a Relationship With Your Florist – Step 1: Choosing A Florist

kristibee tulips and hydrangeas and cherry blossom branches

Most people never set foot in a florist shop. Online FTD websites and 1-800-flowers are about all they know about ordering flowers – and it’s usually done for spur-of-the-moment occasions: a birth, a death, Valentine’s Day… Flowers are kind of a personal gift, given at times of intense personal experiences, knowing who your florist is, and what services they offer is a great way to get the most out of your gift of flowers.

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Boutonnieres: To match or not to match?

On a recent Wednesday we had a gentleman walk into the shop wanting to order two boutonnieres for his wedding – it was going to be a quick informal wedding at the courthouse that Friday night with a bigger party celebration planned for later in the year. Oh fun! We love these impromptu (small) weddings!

Poor guy, we inundated him with a lot of questions trying to figure out what kind of boutonnieres to make for him. He probably thought it was going to be a quick and easy decision, instead, he left without deciding so he could talk to his partner about all the questions we raised.

Why did we ask so many questions? We didn’t mean to confound him, and I don’t think we did, but arranging flowers is selling both a product and a service. When you make flowers to order there are infinite possibilities, and many things to consider on both the part of the florist and customer. Flowers you wear or carry can say as much about your personality as your attire, in fact, they make the best accessories! He and his partner had a few things to consider:

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